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Biography of Dwight "J Creek" Brown

J Creek Biography J Creek The Dirty Pearl
My name is J-Creek. Government name? Dwight D. Brown II.  I was born  1980 on the 7th day of May.  My father Dwight Brown Sr. and mother Marilyn Davis were highschool sweethearts.  Between nineteen and twenty years of age my parents conceived me and I was born at Tampa Women’s Hospital. My folks were just two young people trying to make a better life for their kids. Well at least better than what they had themselves. As a baby we did a lot of moving, relocating from various Tampa Florida neighborhoods including but not exclusive to all of the following and probably more to come.  We  lived in Smugglers Cove (Nuccio) Cross Fletcher (North Tampa), Hunter’s Fox and then after the sudden death of my grandfather Beaufort Brown, my father decided to move back to none other than his childhood neighborhood Belmont Heights. Since my grandfather’s death my father became responsible for his mother.  A responsibility we all must one day fulfill. As a Kid I…

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